Welcome back, television.

The Smallville season premiere was a rollicking roller coaster. My favorite part? Bizarro Clark's Bizarro face.

Like most other people who have bothered to think on such things, I always just assumed that Bizarro's skin was made of oogie-boogie yuck-gunk. But I liked the phasing metallic effect employed by these, the translators, interpreters, and technology-tellers of our modern mythology. It really said, "We have thought about how the polar opposite of Clark Kent, the symbol of some collective America's deepest hopes and fears for itself, would manifest physically and psychologically in the latter half of this century's dawning decade, and we have concluded that The Terminator was cool."
It's been years since I tried drawing anything directly into Photoshop, and sure enough, this was a pain. Yet weirdly fun!

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