State of the blog.

I mainly keep this blog to comment on other people's art posts, so I'm going to stop with the redundant updating of my own work. If you want to keep up with what I'm up to, head on over to my LiveJournal or website!


American Psychos.

Who would you rather be entangled in some variety of hypothetical romantic interest with, Harvey Dent before his Two-Face transition, or "Bruce Wayne" at any point after his world wanderings with the catch that you'd never know about the other side of the proverbial coin?

I'm honestly stuck on which option would be the more perfect setup for a psychological horror movie.
american psychos

Speaking of setups, this one is coming weeks in advance but I'll be attending the New York Comic-Con next month. I'm going with my pal Lex in costume all three days (UH HUH THASSRIGHT), so we should be easy to spot if you want to say hi! Just look for the lanky blonde and sturdy half Asian in various states of ridiculousness. More on that later.

You may remember my adventures at last year's NYCC. I have the option of using the professionals' entrance this time around, but I'll probably wait in the regular line with Lex in case any more potential hilarity gold decides to spice up my life. Maybe I'll run into my little chum again. Fingers crossed, guys!



Down into the endless blue wine
I'll open my head and let out
all of my time.

Tom Waits, "The Ocean Doesn't Want Me."


A woman valorous, true, and willing to smash you.

Here's another superheroic redesign, this time of Big Barda. See what the fashion-forward eyes over at Project: Rooftop saw in it over here.


Oh brother don't turn, go on, go on.

Oh, I bet you long for the life that you lived.
me and myself, I got nothing to lose but this war...
...and when the war came,
I signed up for you.

Madrugada, "The Riverbed."

A drawing of Dick Grayson, sometimes known as Nightwing, featuring his propensity for gravitas, grace, bullet scars and ballet flats. This is something like the opening lines of my visual treatise on l'esprit du Dick.


Youtube is my Channel [V]

Here are some of my favorite songs from a couple of my favorite Asian solo musicians. both Shiina and Jay are super popular, and rightly so. Whether you understand the lyrics or not, the music is beautiful and the videos are stylish. Or over-styled. Even passe! But great fun at any rate. :)

♪♪♪ Shiina Ringo - Distinctive, dizzy, jazzy, and crazy to know. That was our girl Shiina.
Yami ni furu ame
Tsumiki asobi
La salle de bain
Tsumi to batsu

♪♪♪ Jay Chou - Taiwanese hip-hop/R&B soul pop rapper, y'all!
In the name of the Father
Third year class two
Cliff of love
Wast wind breaks
Orange jasmine


So a porn star and a Buddhist monk walk into this blog...

Another new illustration for an article in the Las Vegas Weekly, this time about a porn convention! Taking that into consideration, I think I managed to keep the cheesecake to a fairly sedate level, but I will warn you; never before in my art career have I drawn melons so large. Not that these ones are any larger than what you'd see on your average female background character in what we call "ze comics," but still.

To counteract the extremely sparkly sordidness of the aforementioned, I'm also including a sketch of everybody's favorite son of a serial-womanizer-for-justice hot multiracial vigilante Buddhist monk, Connor Hawke.