Welcome back, television.

The Smallville season premiere was a rollicking roller coaster. My favorite part? Bizarro Clark's Bizarro face.

Like most other people who have bothered to think on such things, I always just assumed that Bizarro's skin was made of oogie-boogie yuck-gunk. But I liked the phasing metallic effect employed by these, the translators, interpreters, and technology-tellers of our modern mythology. It really said, "We have thought about how the polar opposite of Clark Kent, the symbol of some collective America's deepest hopes and fears for itself, would manifest physically and psychologically in the latter half of this century's dawning decade, and we have concluded that The Terminator was cool."
It's been years since I tried drawing anything directly into Photoshop, and sure enough, this was a pain. Yet weirdly fun!



So. Fist-a-cuffs; the fightiest of all art fights to ever smash the Internet to design-conscious pieces. I plan on participating in this round, but I can't do it alone! I need to find two (2) art friends willing to ally themselves with me as either a fighter or manager for fame, sportsmanship, and GLORY.

If anybody out there's interested in teaming up, please leave a comment or contact me through e-mail, mingdoyle (at) gmail.com. I am even offering examples of my work for decision-making purposes at no extra cost!

The scrappin' times, they are nigh.


Graffiti is a crime.

Facebook's graffiti wall is quite diverting. It reminds me of my mid-teenage years, when I used to prowl the Internet looking for sleazy oekaki joints to bust up with my mad art skillz and faux anime interpretations of movie stars. These days I am more into adorning the obvious;

and knitting;
The second drawing was inspired by this talented lady's Wonder Woman Jumper. Thank you, the Internet, for bringing such important things to my attention. Now, to build on a theme by indulging in The Non-Adventures of Wonderella!


Hello friends.

My name is Ming. I have a website and a MySpace, both of which make this blog doubly redundant, and yet. Here are some superheroes and science-villains from my LJ in lieu of more informative written content. The proliferation of online presences probably speak for themselves!